Need New Clubs…Repairs…Blueprinting…or Just Want to Try Something New?

You Have Choices – One of Which is Dana Upshaw - Clubmaking’s Most Honored Craftsman.

My father taught me about integrity as a youngster.  He simply stated that integrity "was doing the right thing when nobody was looking."  I've carried that credo through an exciting and fulfilling life including 21 years as an aircraft mechanic in the United States Air Force, attaining the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant, and participation in the design of the Air Force One Boeing 747 aircraft.  When working on aircraft there is only one way to do the job - the right way! Indeed, lives hung in the balance of your work, therefore we were all trained to go "by the book", pay attention to details, and check your work twice.

I built my clubmaking business on integrity and unparalleled attention to detail, and while10 years of fulltime clubmaking experience has brought numerous personal rewards and awards for me, more importantly it has helped thousands of golfers play better golf and enjoy their game more than ever before.  I’d like to do the same for you. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in improving your game, I hope you'll turn to Dana Golf for all your equipment needs.


Dana Upshaw
Dana Golf Inc.
Warner Robins GA 31088
(478) 328-7888


  • 2002 Harvey Penick Award
  • 1999 PCS Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1999 PCS US Southern Region Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1998 PCS US Southern Region Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1998 Golfsmith Distinguished Clubmaker Award
  • 1997 GCA Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1997 FM Precision Crystal Grip Award
  • 1997 GCA US Southern Region Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1996 GCA US Southern Region Clubmaker of the Year
  • 1995 Dynacraft Top Workshop Award - Large Shop
  • 1994 Dynacraft Top Workshop Award - Small Shop


  • Graduate, Maltby Master Clubmaker Program
  • PCS "Class A" Clubmaker (non-member)
  • PCS "Class A" Clubfitter (non-member)
  • GCA "Advanced" Clubmaker Accreditation
  • Graduate, Golfsmith Advanced Clubmaking and Clubfitting Program


I take a great deal of pride in my attendance at every Orlando PGA Merchandise Show, GCA Seminar, and PCS Expo since 1994 - an investment of over $120,000 to stay current on industry trends and equipment changes to further my knowledge and better serve my clients.  I have attended over 200 clubmaking/fitting/repair/swing seminars during these events


  • "Share what you know" is a characteristic of individuals recognized as industry leaders, and I've always made it a point to "give back."
  • Served on PCS Board of Directors - 1995-1996
  • Chaired or served on numerous PCS committees including Ethics, By-laws, Marketing and Advertising, Education and Training, Member Benefits, Clubmaker of the Year.
  • Five-Time Seminar and Workshop speaker at PCS Expo
  • PCS Mentor Program participant
  • Published 24 times in PCS Journal
  • Published five times in Golfsmith Clubmaker magazine
  • Published 32 times in local golf publications and newspapers
  • Conduct one-on-one clubmaker training in my shop
  • Donate over $10,000.00 in goods and services to charitable events each year


My unique Performance-Based Fitting goes far beyond the norm in fitting systems to determine the exact shaft cpm and head design that will perform to their maximum potential with your swing.  Through use of sophisticated swing analysis and digital video equipment, our test and elimination process produces a club that delivers Maximum Potential Carry Distance under the recognized standard of 2.2 yards carry per mile per hour of clubhead speed.  Once the exact fitting specifications are determined for the test club the rest of the set is built to perfectly match.   No guess work...just documented results and ultimate craftsmanship to ensure your satisfaction.  PBF can turn your game around.  If you’re located near middle-Georgia, traveling through the area, or desire to schedule a fitting, please contact me for an appointment.  It’s the best couple of hours you’ll ever invest in your game and equipment


  • Truly professional clubmaking goes beyond tip trimming shafts, epoxying the heads on, and installing grips. My critical analysis of every component before assembly ensures the finest blueprint quality clubs you can purchase.
  • Shafts – Weight and frequency sorted, balanced, trimmed to exact length, and FLO’d during assembly.
  • Clubheads – Measure for proper weight, hosel bore depth, loft and lie, and face angle.
  • Grips – Weight sorted to exact gram weights, installed to precise length and size, and laser aligned.


Other than chrome plating and painting, I can perform any repair action or special modification you need. If you’re considering a reshaft, the same critical analysis used in our clubmaking program also applies to retrofits.


Instituting a video swing analysis program in 2000 was the single best invest I ever made in my business. Video has given me greater insight into the golf swing, how the swing and clubs interact, and how to compensate equipment for “invisible” swing flaws.  Through a unique recording and switching system my system integrates digital video, computerized video analysis software, and the Golftek Pro-V swing analyzer into a comprehensive system that allows the fullest examination of your swing and equipment performance.  If you’re located near middle-Georgia, traveling through the area, or desire to schedule an analysis session, please contact me for an appointment.  It’s the most informative hour you’ll ever invest in improving your golf swing.


I’m generally in the shop Monday – Saturday from 9-5. If you’d like to call about a concern or to discuss equipment options please call me at (478) 328-7888 (USA) or email